Wednesday, March 24, 2010

picture pages - four

when susen and i found out we were having a girl i got really scared and completely insecure because i grew up with two brothers and i'm into comic books and wrestling and video games. i was very worried that i wouldn't be able to relate to our daughter and she'd have a miserable childhood as a result. of course when she was born all that changed. when chlo was an infant and waking up in the middle of the night she was perfectly content watching two am wrestling matches on the couch with me. as chloe got older we played legend of zelda together on the nintendo and she even refers to magazines and catalogs as comic books. now, with chloe's fifth birthday a couple of months past, she sits on my lap while i read comic books and sounds out all the sound effects (BAM! WHIZZZ! etc.). i certainly can't complain about having a daughter. it's been a wonderful experience for me and she cracks me up every day. chloe even inspires me which is where this edition of picture pages comes from.

our daughter really likes super heroes and really wants to read so i'm developing a new character to write some fun stuff for her to read. these are some preliminary sketches i've made and i'm confident that i can create something good for her. my idea was to create a character that chlo could relate to and hopefully want to "be." chloe really loves cats so it had to be a girl cat with fashion sense that chlo would get excited about. the stories i write will need to be basic "popo can run" "popo can jump" lines that chloe can read to us, rather than have us read to her. it's important that the pages are simple line drawings that chloe can color because that's what kids do...they color. these sketches were done in my notebook with pencils. i recently procured a wacom tablet and a wicked cool art program more conducive to comic book creation than photoshop so finished product will be computer based from start to finish. i'm really excited about the possibilities and i'll post the pages here when i've finished.

about this drawing: the artwork here is a simple jpeg of scanned sketches fit together into a collage. for anyone interested i have posted a pdf that includes notes concerning the various aspects of the sketches.

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