Tuesday, March 2, 2010

birthday haiku - seven

freedom comes with time

years of knowledge now built up

choose your path in life.


for Jim Landfried and Matthew Ellison

for quite a while now i have told my wife that i embrace each passing year with the feeling that i have gained more freedom through the past years experiences. each day we are alive we make choices based on the things that we have experienced in the past. those choices, while not all correct choices, are more informed and intelligent as we grow older making life that much easier and exciting and filled with hope. while the body may be breaking down we have a better understanding of how to make the best choices for that body. looking back on past mistakes only allows us to see what path we should best choose...and we always have a choice to change paths or not.

age. aging. aged. each stage increasingly invigorating!

about the haiku: haiku is a japanese form of poetry that contains a metered verse in seventeen on (equivalent to an english syllable). generally, but not always, the english haiku consists of three lines with a five-seven-five syllable structure. the best examples of haiku paint a detailed picture using the fewest words possible, often only revealing a portion of the subject so as to give the reader something to ponder.

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