Tuesday, March 9, 2010

birthday haiku - eight

rivers in my heart

with memories floating by

bringing me the past...


for Kristina Hilaire

i remember the eighth grade like it was yesterday...

the seeds of not only who i am but who i want to be were laid in those class rooms. i remember listening to run dmc and watching "yo! mtv raps" before anyone in my little town knew what rap was, all the boys i grew up with were into acdc. i remember discovering ice hockey when no one in my little town had even seen a game, let alone understood why i was wearing a oilers jersey ("is that a football team in texas?"). mrs. jones, the librarian, would dig out old copies of sports illustrated and let me read the hockey articles. i always felt like i had plenty of friends but, although i have always been very comfortable with who i am, i never really felt like i fit in.

these days i'm still very much into "different" types of music and the recent olympic gold medal hockey game made me cry uncontrollably, even my feelings of isolation are still very real. i guess even time doesn't change who we are.

about the haiku: haiku is a japanese form of poetry that contains a metered verse in seventeen on (equivalent to an english syllable). generally, but not always, the english haiku consists of three lines with a five-seven-five syllable structure. the best examples of haiku paint a detailed picture using the fewest words possible, often only revealing a portion of the subject so as to give the reader something to ponder.

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