Monday, April 5, 2010

picture pages - six

today i am presenting another workup of po-po the super cat. i drew this with the intention that it would become the cover of the book i put together for chloe. i worked with chloe on the colors of the costume, she originally picked yellow and pink as the primary colors but i was able to steer her to red and pink instead. i'm so glad that chloe wants to call herself po-po and even looks at these pictures and says, "is that me?" i'd much rather her pretend to be po-po (something i can control and influence) rather than sonic the hedgehog or a neopet.

i've spent more time than i'd like just on the logo. i wanted to make sure that i had something that i liked which wasn't easy. now i have to figure out how to use a vector editor to make a slick, professional looking logo (which every superhero needs). i'd better hurry up and finish this project because the only reason why i'm doing this is to help chloe to read and she's progressing so well and so quickly. susen and i see progress every day and that makes me so happy. i'm proud of our little girl and i hope that she can be proud of her daddy someday...

about this drawing: i started with another basic pencil drawing but i wasn't pleased with the positioning of the hands so i redrew the hands on a different section of the paper. when i inked the pencils with my light box i replaced the unsatisfactory hands with the good ones. then i scanned the inked drawing into photoshop, resized po-po, repositioned and resized the logo and cleaned the whole thing up a bit. i colored it in photoshop but chloe colored a black and white one that i had printed out and i liked her colors better (mine had brown hair and a brown tip on the tail, chloe gave po-po purple hair which looks infinitely better) so i put her page up instead of mine.

i have a b&w one up here if you want to print it out and color it yourself. good times.

more pictures of po-po are found in an older edition of picture pages.

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