Monday, February 1, 2010

geek style is GO!

i started a blog by this same name several years ago...actually it was six or seven years ago, before our daughter was born, around the time my wife came back. i never really found time to write even though i have many things to write about. last month i saw the opportunity arise to write and many other things as my schedule became freed up considerably. i decided that i would start this blog again. now to decide what to include in this blog...i figured that i could tell my story, the story of my life. i know that i have plenty to write about but i'm not really excited to let everyone in to that extent. i figured that i could write opinion pieces of the various media i consume..."a pirate taking inventory" would be a great title for essays on the plunder i find to download. that just seemed too broad and less interesting than the alternatives. i figured that i could write a blog that critically analyzed newspaper comic strips or featured essays on such varied subjects as the neo-soul movement in mainstream music, the current renaissance in situation comedies or the factors currently in motion that will spur on another boom period in the professional wrestling industry. i figured that i could create an illustration blog of drawings that i've made, a photo blog featuring the clay figures i would make or a recording diary of songs made on my four-track.

you can see why i am calling this "geek style 101." i'm kind of all over the place and will most certainly include most of these topics in this blog. i'm hoping that people will read it and be encouraged. encouraged to think and create.

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